The Post Home and Body is a naturally minded company based out of Northeastern Pennsylvania. 


The Post Home and Body was born out of the want and need to get back to the the simple way of life. Our homes and bodies are so full of ingredients that are unnecessary. It is time to get back to simple. The Post Home and Body provides you with quality products that you wont have to worry about. We’ve done all the research and have created a line that is full of quality but safe ingredients.  Apply them to your body with a peace of mind that they will not hurt the ones that are most important to you.

Tired of companies that when you look at their label you can’t read half of the ingredients? We aren’t one of those! Everything is natural and easy to pronounce (insert big sigh of relief here).  We also include EVERY single ingredient on our label so you know exactly what in it!

If you have questions about all the good stuff we put in our products fell free to ask, we aren’t hiding anything!



Ashley has been crafting natural products since 2012.  The Post Home and Body was created in 2014 after a few years of creating products for her friends and family. Over the years, her knowledge and passion has grown.  She believes that simple is best.  A philosophy of simple products may sound like it it couldn’t create a product that would nourish the skin but that is quite the opposite!  When you take out all the fillers and unnecessary ingredients, you are left with a simple yet beautiful product. This journey has lead her to peruse her Aromatherapy Certification.  She cannot wait to add Aromatherapy to her arsenal in helping others on the journey back to simple.   


Zach has been along with Ashley on the natural journey since the beginning.  With a background in product development and quality control in a factory setting and an MBA, he handles everything that has to do with tech and numbers.  You’ll find him researching the latest production technology as well as streamlining the production process to ensure quality and efficiency.  He has been instrumental in the growth of The Post over the years and will continue to lead us as we open new doors within the company.


Miss E had been in the natural world since birth.  Every morning when she wakes up she asks if we are going to the office today. You’ll usually find her around the office making everyone laugh.  She also believes in the simple life and loves when new ingredients as they come into the workshop. She’s our number one sales women and wins everyone over with her charming smile and quick wit.  We love that we can create products for her that will nourish and delicate and growing body.