Why Natural Products?

You may be asking yourself, why should I care about natural products?

According to a 2004 study by the Environmental Working Group (EWG), American women use and average of 12 products a day that include nearly 200 chemicals. SkinStore, an online retailer; conducted a survey with 3,000 women and found that they averaged 16 products a day on their face alone.

Chemical are found in nature. That means they are safe, right?!

Yes, chemicals are found in nature. But it’s about usage and quantity that’s important when looking at skincare. It’s one thing when you’re apply one product with one ingredient. But if you’re anything like the average women, you’re apply up to 16 (SIXTEEN!) products JUST on your face daily. That doesn’t include hair products, antiperspirants, fragrances, nail polish and moisturizers!

Isn’t that what my Liver is for, to process all those chemicals?

It’s true, your Liver does process everything that travels through your bloodstream. That includes everything that you put on your skin. Chemicals can turn into toxins that your Liver is going to need to process. Imagine all of the work your body in having to do to process all of those products you are putting on your body each and every day!

Ok, so I should give my Liver a break! What should I do? Throw everything out and start over?

Let’s not get carried away here! I’m sure your cabinets and drawers could use a makeover (mine probably could too!). Change happens best over time. I always suggest if you’re wanting to make a change in your products to start slowly. Run out of shampoo, find a natural shampoo to replace it with. Your facial lotion runs out, replace it with a serum filled with essential oils. You get the point!

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